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Alex Taiger - DJ & Promoter

There are not many originals like Alex Taiger a.k.a. Castor T. Orano a.k.a. Valerian Gold. You have to search intensively to find one like him - one of those who started earlier and is longer in the game than most of the others.

Alex Taiger is what magazines like to call a "true original": he is part of the old-school, of those, who learned their skills from scratch. Since more than 20 years Alex Taiger is playing the very special and individual style of his music around the Europe. You can feel immediately that this "old-school"consciousness is living in every inch of his body.

The philosophy with which Alex Taiger is managing career is closely linked to his personal idea of the DJ. He himself is one of those DJs who understand their work as a mission rather than as a platform to draw a lot of attention on their person. His whole attention belongs to the dance floor and to the next record which is only destined for the dancers. Alex calls this approach "bad dj-bad party" - and he definitely knows what he is talking about. Understanding the needs of the dancefloor, to know your business by yourself are the minimum standards that Alex has for his own artistic work.

The future will show which heights Alex will reach with his firm belief in substance, qualityand consistency. One thing is sure: this man knows that he has yet away to go